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Jan 15 - Jongmin Yu (UIUC, ACE)
An optimal hybrid emission control system in a multiple compliance period model

Jan 22 - Ian Lange (University of Stirling, Scotland)
Could subsidy labelling be counterproductive? The winter fuel payment and energy decisions

Jan 27 - Rhiannon Jerch, Jackie Willwerth, Xijie Lv (UIUC)
Panel discussion: Summer internships for graduate students

Feb 5 - Tatyana Deryugina (UIUC, Finance)
The effect of information provision on beliefs about climate change: Evidence from a pilot

Feb 12 - Puneet Dwivedi (UIUC, EBI)
Leave, burn, or use logging residues for bioenergy development? An insight from a bio-economic model

Feb 19 - Amy Ando (UIUC, ACE)
Leakage and conservation planning

Feb 26 - Taro Mieno (UIUC, ACE)
Implications of energy supply interruption on agricultural water use

Mar 5 - John Braden (UIUC, ACE)
Humans and the water environment: The need for coordinated data collection


The program in Environmental and Resource Economics (pERE) explores the complex relationships between environmental quality, economic prosperity, and human behavior. Students and faculty from departments across campus are using economics to analyze policy regarding some of today's most critical environmental and natural resource issues.

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